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On this site, we seek to motivate and inspire each other in whatever areas affected by humanity. Whether it is your relationship, job, career, family, finances or general lifestyle, we seek to bring hope and revival to our souls.

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INTRO – There were many shouts of praise, leaps of excitements, sounds of joy as sparklers of fireworks filled the heavens atmosphere at many ends, spills of champagne from heavy shakes and pops bathed other ends as the curtains of 2021 was drawn. These moments of thrills and exhilaration were as a result of aContinue reading “NOT TODAY, NOT EVER!”


The MiniBook The year 2022 and beyond promises to be great, with every blessing that has been hoarded being released! But we will not be able to enjoy these blessings without making quality decisions. The level of quality an individual will enjoy depends on the quality of decisions made! We are to mind the thoughtsContinue reading “PROS AND CONS”

CROSSING: The Finish Line

…and when we are able to come this far, breaking through limitations and carrying out our actionable plans of making money, it should not just stay on that level. As a matter of fact, if you decide to just rely on your salary, without having other sources of income(s), the foundation of your desire toContinue reading “CROSSING: The Finish Line”

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